The Role of Lawyers in a Country’s Development

Many of us regard lawyers as business men who wear a suit each day and go to work with their briefcase and fancy car. During the day we think of them handling divorce settlements, managing corporate legal requirements and transferring properties to new owners.

Lawyers play an important role in a country’s development with many of them sitting on legislatures and parliaments and assisting with new laws and amending current laws. Actually when you think of a lawyer you should think of them as people who try and ensure the law is upheld at all times.

Imagine what the world would be without laws, everyone would have free reign to do whatever they wanted and that would be a recipe for disaster. Lawyers would go to work in mens wetsuits and this would definitely not be the smarter choice.

Lawyers are used by governments around the world to preserve the current status-quo. Each lawyer has a different role depending on his or her legal profession. You find criminal lawyers, those that ensure the law is upheld at all times, you have government lawyers who assist with legislatures and other legal requirements and you have corporate lawyers, who work for large corporations, ensure paperwork is current and assist with legal requirements by the company.

Lawyers are responsible for the assistance of salary scales and any new service introduced in both the private and public sectors.

Every country needs a government whether it’s a developed country or a developing country. This government is there to ensure the smooth running of the country and to ensure the residents abide by the rules of the country. This reduces the chaos we would experience if there were no rules and we were free to do what we wanted. From legal documents to abide by to the country’s rules regarding murder, theft and other criminal offenses, lawyers are imperative.

As a country grows and becomes developed, it is running on it’s own resources, it is technologically advanced and is a desired country to live in. This means streams of new immigrants move to the country to try and ensure a better life for themselves. They are not there for drug treatment or to be Mis sold PPI, they are there for an improved life for themselves and their families.

As more people flock to the country the demand for legal representation grows from the immigration rules and regulations to their buying a new home. Then as they work and live in the country they may require a lawyer to help them get divorced, manage a will or even assist them when they get into trouble with the law.

Every aspect of a country requires lawyers. New laws are written, people need to abide by the current laws and governments need assistance with new legislatures. There is no denial that lawyers play a very important role in a country’s development whether it’s a developed or developing country. With so many legal professions, these lawyers are part of every aspect of the country’s development.